About us

Kurzemes Granulas Ltd. is wood pellet producer in Latvia with local capital. The Company is located in the area of the Ventspils Free Port.

The factory has operated since 2005 and currently manufactures about 70'000 tons of pellets a year. The main output consists of ~50’000 t Premium grade pellets (DINplus, ENplus-A1) and ~20’000 t high quality industrial pellets. The pellets are produced only from domestic raw materials: sawdust and shavings from a local sawmill. No chemical additives are used. Currently Kurzemes Granulas Ltd. manufactures only 6 mm pellets.

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Our products

Premium pellets kg_premium.png

Only debarked coniferous sawdust and shavings are used for the production of premium pellets to provide a light color and low ash content within 0,3 – 0,4% (standard sets ≤ 0,7%). Premium pellets fully conform to the requirements of German standard DINplus and the European standard ENplus-A1®. It is approved by granted DINplus certificate to the company in 2011, ENplus® certificate in 2014 and also certificates of analyses for regular deliveries issued by internationally recognized inspection companies (SGS, OFI etc.). 

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Industrial pellets kg_industrial.png

For the production of industrial pellets coniferous (pine, fir) sawdust as well as wood chips and processed firewood (partly deciduous) are used. Industrial pellets are of a high quality that corresponds to all the ENplus-A2® requirements including the ash content, which is usually within 0,7 – 1,1% (standard sets ≤ 1,2%). 

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Kustes dambis 22, Ventspils, LV-3601
+371 636 62086
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