Premium pellets

Only debarked coniferous sawdust and shavings are used for the production of premium pellets to provide a light color and low ash content within 0,3 - 0,4% (standard sets ≤ 0,7%). Premium pellets fully conform to the requirements of European standard ENplus®A1 and German standard DINplus.  It is approved by actual ENplus® certificate, DINplus certificate and also test results issued by internationally recognized inspection companies (BEA, SGS etc.).

Premium pellets are offered to customers in bulk, packed in 15 kg plastic bags on pallets (60 till 75 bags on one pallet) or in 1000 kg big-bags.

Industrial pellets

For the production of industrial pellets coniferous (pine, fir) sawdust as well as wood chips and processed firewood (partly deciduous) are used. Industrial pellets are of a high quality that corresponds to all the ENplus®A2 requirements including ash content which is usually within 0,5 - 0,8% (standard sets ≤ 1.2%) - see test results.

Industrial pellets are offered to customers in bulk and packed in 1000 kg big-bags.